The Trail and Gravina

Gravina: the town with the Canyon between the regions Puglia and Basilicata

A town that stands between a wild and sensitive nature, amongst the bright yellow of the brooms, the deep lilac of the bristly thistle flowers and the soft mallow. A territory where the transformation of the landscape and the environment have always been closely connected with the events and the human activities: that is Gravina in Puglia.
Like the flight of the lesser kestrel Gravina hovers on the border between the regions of Apulia and Lucania, lined by the ravine stream, which over the centuries has carved a crevise comparable to the American Canyon, with two lush banks, that disappear into the darkness of the caves, the emblem of that rock civilization that over time has inhabited the rocks at first and then dug to extract the stones and to build the dwellings above.

The Greeks called it Sidion "Land of pomegranates" and Romans SILVIUM "forest land", names that seem to evoke the arcane fears aroused by the border of the known world and the mysterious expanse of land that suddenly plunges into a great valley engraved by the water in the limestone.
River, ravine and the country united by the same name: GRAVINA, wheat and wine cast in the same heading "grana dat et vina".

A weekend of sport, culture and nature for the whole family on the occasion of the fifth edition of the "Trail of 5 oaks"

A foot race, full of nature and adventure, on the colorful trails of the Murgia, of the forest "Difesa Grande", of the karst caves of the ravine in Gravina in Puglia, on the sites of a rock civilization and the archaeological park. This is the fifth edition of the "Trail of 5 oaks," the trail among the most participated in Italy, with about 800 participants, the trail that this year announces a special edition.
After the success of the previous editions, the asd "Gravina Festina Lente", event organizer, has entered the race into a full program of activities and events to enjoy a weekend of sport, culture and nature for the whole family!

For information about the event, please contact:

Donatella: +39 342 0455550
Sergio: +39 342 0455644
Giuseppe: +39 338 1381502



"Il senso morale di una società si misura su ciò che fa per i suoi bambini." (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

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