Escursione notturna


  • All participants are required to bring flashlights or bright front panels; at the beginning of the excursion, the guide may reserve the right to exclude any participants with unsuitable equipment;
  • During the excursion it is necessary to follow the guide's instructions: route, speed and stops are decided to facilitate everyone's enjoyment. In case of bad weather or generic changed conditions, the guide may decide to change the excursion route or make changes to the program;
  • All participants are required to respect the indicated meeting times, communicating any delays.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the guide, the collection of undergrowth products (including wild herbs, mosses and lichens) is prohibited during excursions;
  • It is forbidden to abandon waste along the excursion route;
  • The participation of unaccompanied minors is not allowed;
  • During the excursions it is possible that the guide takes photos or videos, which can be used for promotional purposes. The participants imply the authorization to use them, except for exceptions to be communicated to the guide at the beginning of the excursion;
  • While not prohibiting their use, it is recommended to minimize the use of mobile phones on the excursion to ... enjoy the best way and the contact with the natural environment;
  • In consideration of the risks and dangers inherent in the excursion, the participants raise the association as of now. Gravina Festina Slow, its managers, organizers, and companions, from any responsibility for any accidents of any nature that may occur during the same;
  • Participants are informed that they are not covered by an accident policy.



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